m a n d y

Hey, I'm Mandy!

I am . . .

married to my high-school sweetheart

a mommy to three blue-eyed boys

a pet mom to three crazy critters

“just a little” obsessed with horses

a bowhunter and an avid outdoors-woman

and an artist.

Little did I know, as a young child my passion for drawing would lead me into the world of photography. I remember my friends in grade school asking me, “Hey Mandy, can you draw me some of those cool shadow letters?” and I jumped at the opportunity. Give this girl some paper, a pencil and a glass of moscato – I’m set. And to me, a photograph is a digital drawing. I turn the ideas and ‘drawings’ in my head into pretty pictures. I believe it takes a creative eye and special talent to truly see a moment, capture a feeling and preserve a memory as a photograph. I create art through photography, and I think it’s absolutely crazy I get to call this my ‘job’.

Mandy has limited availability in 2024. She has available dates in January, February, March, November and December; as well as some Fridays.

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